Does Whomever a Spider Can


I’ve been covering Spidey quite a lot lately. First, check out the inaugural episode of the Super Sexy Podcast, where we break down the romantic histories of superheroes and speculate on their sex lives. It’s locker room talk for nerds, geeks, fanboys, and any and all aficionados of pop culture! In this episode co-host Andy Taylor and I talk about all the women which Ol’ Wedhead has sprayed his white, sticky, web-fluid all over.

Super Sexy Podcast: Does Whomever a Spider Can!

Next, check out my latest appearance on Wisecrack’s podcast Show Me the Meaning, where we break down the philosophy and meaning behind the animated masterpiece “Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse.”

Show Me the Meaning Live: Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse

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