Powerless’ Pilot is a Campy Cape Opera in All the Worst Ways

Far too many shots linger on the crude costumes and shoddy special effects. It robs Charm City of the very verisimilitude necessary for the characters inhabiting it to likewise be believable.


Daredevil Season Two

Daredevil is besought on all sides by faceless foes, competent in combat but heartless. Such is true not only of generic gaiden, but of the series’ second season itself.

Jessica Jones

No little girl watching this show would look at Jessica Jones and think, “When I grow up, I want to be like her.” If there were tie-in merchandise for said little girl’s parents to buy her, it’d be a shard of broken glass and a bottle of cheap whiskey.

Master of None

Famously pitched as “a show about nothing,” Seinfeld achieved unprecedented and unsurpassed cultural permeation by being a show very much about something: the shared experience, down to the minute and mundane, of life in the ‘90s.  It was born out of Seinfeld’s stand-up, his signature phrase in which being “What’s the deal with…?” Each episode…