The Ultimates #8

Even integrating so heavily into Civil War II, this tie-in issue feels like a perfectly natural extension of the direction this series has taken since the beginning.

The Ultimates #3

Of the All-New, All Different Marvel titles, The Ultimates is far and away the best candidate for becoming a classic run that will be remembered and reread for decades to come.

The Ultimates #2

  There are few things I love more in life than a meaty drop of exposition.  I don’t know how to say that without such sounding sarcastic, but it’s as sincere a statement as every I’ve spoken.  My favorite chapters of The Lord of the Rings aren’t the battles of Helm’s Deep or Pellenor Fields;…

The Ultimates #1

The Ultimates is a name which carries heavy expectations.  Just as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight redefined the character of Batman for thirty years since (in large part for leading to Year One, upon which Batman Begins had its foundation, and more recently being the main influence behind Dawn of Justice and the DC Cinematic…