Star Wars #14

Star Wars #14 constitutes the terrible events which preamble the coming eucatastrophe. Without such tremendous trepidation, the requisite relief would hardly prove a providence.

Darth Vader #15

Vader is ruthless and relentless, the intimidation he exudes punctuated by definitive displays of death and destruction, more so than ever here in Vader Down

Darth Vader #14

It was not all too long ago that I too was nineteen and naïf, a neophyte initiate into an ancient religion, studying at the feet of wizened masters as their most precocious and prodigious pupil.

Star Wars #13

The genius of Star Wars #13 comes from Jason Aaron taking all of the various evil incarnations of the aforementioned archetypes, as established by Kieron Gillen in his run on Darth Vader, and pitting such against their classic counterparts, often to comedic effect.