Action Comics#973

The prospect of Lois and Clark having their second first date – a mere 973 issues after their seminal first first date – imbibes Jurgens’ Action run with some much-needed excitement.

Action Comics #969

The illogical premise of preventing an unpreventable future is the same predicated in Civil War II… The only saving grace of Action is that it never flirts with the notion that such pre-crime policing has any validity

Action Comics #968

I don’t expect future issues to delve deeper into deontological ethics or the metaphysics of time-travel, which is unfortunate, as Superman comics could stand for more sophisticated storytelling.

Action Comics #966

In comics jargon, “gutter space” is the blank area between the panels; save perhaps for the (admittedly awesome) reveal on the last two pages, the entirety of issue #966 could have been relegated to said gutter.

Action Comics #964

Christians view Jesus as God with His split-curl slicked back and black-rimmed glasses obscuring His face… As such, Action Comics these last few months has perfectly paralleled my own personal pilgrimage.