Darth Maul #1

Cullen Bunn’s Maul is nothing more than anger, hatred, and vengeance without reason or purpose. He’s robbed of his mystique when we find there’s nothing hidden beneath the mask.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One has more to say about Jedi and The Force than those works which feature them front and center, offering a look at the real role of religion and God in the lives of everyday denizens of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Doctor Aphra #1

Aphra is more Belloq than Indiana… but Gillen imbues her with all the charm of Jones, Drake, and Croft, giving us reason to root for a character who’d in any of those franchises would be the villain.

Star Trek Beyond

Beyond boldly goes where Star Wars has gone before, giving audiences a Knights of the Old Republic movie, simply substituting the crew of the Ebon Hawk for that of the Enterprise

Darth Vader #20

The hints as to Triple-Zero’s origin are an acknowledgment from that the best of what was excised from the EU will still be seeded into new stories.