Star Wars #16

The brief interaction between Solo’s gender-swapped doppelgänger and his former partner-in-crime is a microcosm of everything good and bad, genius and cringe-worthy, since Marvel reclaimed the Star Wars license.

Star Wars #14

Star Wars #14 constitutes the terrible events which preamble the coming eucatastrophe. Without such tremendous trepidation, the requisite relief would hardly prove a providence.

Darth Vader #15

Vader is ruthless and relentless, the intimidation he exudes punctuated by definitive displays of death and destruction, more so than ever here in Vader Down

Obi-Wan and Anakin #1

Soule and Checchetto dare to take Star Wars places the overly cautious and calculated Awakens dares not. Episode VII was a disappointment. “This will begin to make things right.”

Darth Vader #14

It was not all too long ago that I too was nineteen and naïf, a neophyte initiate into an ancient religion, studying at the feet of wizened masters as their most precocious and prodigious pupil.

Darth Vader Annual #1

In Darth Vader Annual #1, the power of the Dark Side is on display, upping the ante once again, not by destroying the world of Shu-torun, but by subjugating it. Vader tightens his grip, but to Leia’s inevitable dismay, this star system does not slip through his fingers.