Metal #3 pits the Dark Knights vs. The Worlds’ Greatest Detective

Snyder’s thesis is this: Batman would not be made better by having powers; such would prove a crutch, over-reliance on which would cripple Bruce’s brilliance.


Playing the Detective in Dark Nights: Metal #2

Snyder’s sensational storytelling is reward enough, but the chance to crack the case while working alongside the World’s Greatest Detective adds all the more satisfaction.

Dark Days: The Casting forges a strong foundation for Metal

Snyder and Tynion pull on dozens of similar threads from the works of earlier writers to weave a grand tapestry nearly unequaled in its ambition… The genius of building a narrative around a theme such as Metal is that it’s so elemental as to be ubiquitous across the pre-existing mythology with which they’re working.

Action Comics#973

The prospect of Lois and Clark having their second first date – a mere 973 issues after their seminal first first date – imbibes Jurgens’ Action run with some much-needed excitement.