Trinity #5

Trinity is bold in attempting to continue a beloved work by Moore, and is an earnest sequel to “For the Man Who has Everything,” benefiting greatly from its connection to that classic but hindered by its connection to the current continuity.

Supergirl: Being Super

Being Super seems to be attempting for Kara what American Alien did for her cousin Clark, offering a surprisingly human and familiar coming of age story in which typical teenage highs and lows are given greater dramatic height and depth through the lens of a super-powered protagonist.

Trinity #4

Given all the attention and intention Manapul has poured into Trinity thus far, it’d be a challenge and a joy to squeeze out of the series all the meaning he’s put into each and every panel.

Klaus and the Witch of Winter

Klaus is a Christmas miracle, perfectly hitting on the meaning of the holiday while still accomplishing such superlative world-building, avoiding the logical inconsistencies of so many other seasonal specials, and telling a thrilling tale in its own right

Action Comics #969

The illogical premise of preventing an unpreventable future is the same predicated in Civil War II… The only saving grace of Action is that it never flirts with the notion that such pre-crime policing has any validity

Doctor Aphra #1

Aphra is more Belloq than Indiana… but Gillen imbues her with all the charm of Jones, Drake, and Croft, giving us reason to root for a character who’d in any of those franchises would be the villain.