Justice League of America #1

Orlando, through Batman, is saying members of diverse demographics “need to see heroes are [Asian, black, female, gay, etc]. Like them. That they can be heroes.”

Action Comics#973

The prospect of Lois and Clark having their second first date – a mere 973 issues after their seminal first first date – imbibes Jurgens’ Action run with some much-needed excitement.

Darth Maul #1

Cullen Bunn’s Maul is nothing more than anger, hatred, and vengeance without reason or purpose. He’s robbed of his mystique when we find there’s nothing hidden beneath the mask.

Odyssey of the Amazons #1

The concept of a mythological expedition in the style and structure of ancient epics and set in the DC universe is an absolutely inspired idea worthy of better writing and art than is found here. At their best, both Benjamin and Grevioux rise to the occasion of this premise, but fail to maintain that greatness consistently throughout.

Trinity #5

Trinity is bold in attempting to continue a beloved work by Moore, and is an earnest sequel to “For the Man Who has Everything,” benefiting greatly from its connection to that classic but hindered by its connection to the current continuity.