Eponymously named for the family which has owned and operated the historic pub for three generations, Tumulty’s striking exterior brickwork makes it an unmistakable New Brunswick landmark and one of the jewels of George Street.  The interior decor is equally exquisite, instantly transporting patrons across the pond to a classically-styled Irish Pub.  The food always satisfies, though it’s the small flourishes which set the Tumulty’s experience apart, such as the inclusion of their signature Heart of Lettuce, whose simplicity belies its sublimity as a salad, being included with every meal served, or the weekly deals, such as Monday’s buy-one-get-one-free meal or Tuesday’s $6 Pub Burger, which both stand as some of the best deals anywhere in the city.  Start with the French Onion Soup, followed by Manley’s Mess (roast beef served open face on french bread with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and au jus), or for true anglophiles there’s no other way to go than the Pub-Style Fish and Chips.  Either choice pairs well with a Magners Irish Cider or the New Brunswick Sunset.  The most significant strike against an otherwise excellent dining experience is the restaurant’s steadfast refusal to ever split the check, which becomes particularly problematic among large parties.  On several occasions I’ve eaten with a large group, and after paying more than the bill would otherwise have seemed to indicate walking away wondering if we were overcharged.

Go for: Irish pub atmosphere, excellent deals


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