Stage Left

Appropriately named for its location “stage left” of the theater district, the cuisine here at New Brunswick’s best restaurant is the true star of any evening out on the town for dinner and a show.  The high prices belie the value of the meal, whose quality and memorability more than justify the cost.   If money is truly no concern, the Steak Flight special, featuring high-end beefs aged up to 60 days, served nearly raw and cooked before your eyes on a heated brick of Himalayan rock salt, is well worth whatever the bill ends up being.  For those more budget-minded, the Stage Left Burger has been repeatedly and rightfully voted the Best Burger in both New Jersey and New York (yes, including Manhattan).  Pair either with a side of Lobster and Crab Mac and Cheese and their Apple Lizzy signature cocktail.  For your date order in your best Italian either the Bellini or the Florissimo, the later both rose-tinted and rose-garnished, as well as being a particular favorite of Pope Francis.  End the evening with a cheese-tasting and split the Ice Cream Sundae for Two (vanilla ice cream, fried and bruleed banana, caramel sauce, and candied pecans, all served in a frozen bowl of Himalayan rock salt).

Go for: the best meal of your life


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