Changes are coming to The Hub City Review

When The Hub City Review first launched, its mission statement was right in the name: to review Hub City (i.e. New Brunswick, NJ); its every alehouse, bar, coffee shop, dinner, eatery, food cart, gastropub, restaurant, speakeasy, tavern, and watering hole.  That mission hasn’t changed, but it is expanding.  Starting today, The Hub City Review will also become a receptacle for reviews of popular culture as well, such as comic books, films, and video games.  These are reviews I’ve been writing for other sites over the past year, but have decide to collect under one banner.  What’s the connection to Hub City? They’re all coming from New Brunswick’s most prominent citizen and most eligible bachelor, myself.  Get ready for a Hub City Review that’s far more frequent in its updates, bringing you fresh content on a regular basis.

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