A New Direction for The Hub City Review


Regular readers will have noted that the Hub City Review had gone relatively dark in 2018. I’m finally ready to reveal the reason for this long silence. I’ve said from the start of this site that its primary purpose was as a portfolio; I always wanted to move onto bigger and better opportunities in the field of cultural criticism. While I’ve had opportunities to monetize this site, including offers for paid content and applicants looking to come on as staff writers, my own passion was always been for writing first and foremost; the editorial and managerial duties that would come with trying to compete with the likes of ComicBookResources or Kotaku were of little interest to me. So the Hub City Review will remain, going forward, a portfolio of my personal work.

However, the nature of that work will change drastically, as the Hub City Review succeeded in my primary purpose for it: I was recently hired as a regular contributor to Wisecrack, one of the most popular and prolific philosophy and cultural criticism channels on YouTube. For the foreseeable future, most posts will be links to my videos for Wisecrack. I of course reserve the right to write reviews or editorials should I have something to say about a given film, but the fact of the matter is that writing scripts is a forty plus hours a week job in itself, in addition to my full-time career, so that’s where the majority of my time and energy will be placed from now on.

Thank you all kindly for your readership and engagement with Hub City Review, and I hope you’ll continue to follow me in this newest endeavor.

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